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Heat pumps are the future of decarbonised home heating.

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A boiler or heat pump is only as good as the heating system it’s working with.

Pipework and radiators don’t last forever. Aging or poorly fitted pipework is not only noisy and unsightly, but it’s also inefficient and prone to leaks.

• Do you regularly have to top up your boiler pressure? It’s possible you have micro leaks from your pipework.
• Do some radiators not heat up properly? They could be blocked with sludge.
• Do you constantly need to bleed your radiators? Your pump may be working incorrectly.
• Does your heating system make excess noise? The pipework may be unsupported or poorly fitted.

Fluid Heating offers complete heating design and installation. Fully calculated radiator, pipe, and pump sizing means your system will work to maximum efficiency, and last for years.

Old-fashioned heating systems were designed to run at 80°C. This put the system under higher thermal stress and increased the chemical reactions that cause corrosion. Since June 2022 Part L Building Regulations (conservation of fuel and power) were updated. All new heating installations should now be installed to run at a maximum of 55°C. This means old radiators and pumps may be incapable of meeting modern efficiency standards…no matter how good your heat source.

Correct radiator sizing is key to delivering the required heat with lower flow temperatures. The lower the temperature, the larger the heat emitter required. Hence why heat pumps and low-temperature heating usually require upsizing your existing radiators.

Radiator sizing is calculated following a heat loss survey (link to heat loss).

Following radiator selection the flow requirements can be calculated leading to correct pipe and pump sizing. All combined your entire system will achieve maximum efficiency, saving money on energy bills and reducing unnecessary breakdowns.

Traditional systems are typically S or Y plans, depending on how many valves they use for heating and hot water. These older systems have a major drawback. They require oversized boilers in order to service heating and hot water demands simultaneously. At Fluid Heating we aim to fit X-Plan (priority domestic hot water) systems. These are far more efficient, and require much smaller boiler sizes to achieve the same results. Modern, intelligent design combined with an outstanding installation is what we are all about.


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